Welcome to my little corner of the Blog-O-verse!

Grab a beer, pull up a chair, and join me as I thunder into the world of backyard grilling and smoking.  I’ll post results, offer reviews, discuss recipes, and wax poetic on each and every grill experience.

My passion for grilling started as a kid, watching my dad fuss over burgers cooked on a cast-iron hibachi, and has grown into a regularly-occurring weekend ritual with various Weber accoutrements, beer or cocktail selections, and increasing qualities and quantities of meats.

From missteps to triumphs, my appreciation for the management and effects of heat, smoke, and time on good meat expands with every experience, and I hope to share what I learn every Saturday and/or Sunday.

Tagline thinking:

Happy grilling?  Meh.
Flame on?  Too Marvel.
“Hey, smoke up, Johnny!”?  Too ‘angry John Bender’.

I settled on “Let’s ride.”  Because every grilling or smoking experience can cover new ground if you take time to appreciate the details.

So – family, friends and neighbors, let’s ride.

– Colin

Eff-Bee:  http://facebook.com/copperblue
Twitter:  http://twitter.com/copperblue

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