Welcome to my shiny new “grillsmokebrew” blog! I know, it sounds like “manbearpig“, but the sooner we move past that, the better.

This will be your new home on the web for backyard grilling and smoking shenanigans. I’ll share photos and recipes of my current grilling or smoking project, punch up videos of various experiments, review grilling/smoking products, and hopefully show measured improvement in my grilling acumen. You’ll also gain keen, man-on-the-scene insights on beer, wine, and cocktail selections, as well as prime music and podcast recommendations to maximize the grilling ambiance.

While the look & feel of the site will change as I accelerate my WordPress know-how, you’re always welcome to shoot me questions, feedback, advice, or condolences; help me help you!

Thanks for reading!  Let’s ride!


One thought on “First!

  1. I can’t guarantee I won’t read “manbearpig” every time I see your blog’s title. That said, fun idea and you are def the man for the job. Looking forward to the vids especially!


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